why aadhar card is important and how we get it ?

Why aadhar card is important in India?

Identity cards recognized by the government authorities play an important role in the life of Indians. Because of its huge population, it is a challenge for the government bodies to identify the details of a particular person.

In order to ease this process aadhar card has been introduced in India recently. Thanks to the technology that has made this possible and India is entering a new digitized world after the introduction of aadhar.

But unfortunately still many Indians do not understand the importance of this identity. In addition they do not even know the way aadhar data is collected and how this cards works in easing their procedures.

What is aadhar card ?

It is a unique number with 12 digits and this is provided to the residents of India only.  

The aim of this program by the government of India is to provide universal identification to the citizens of India. It is issued to the people by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

With the help of proper parliamentary acts the aadhar has been introduced in India and linked to variety of schemes of the government.

It is biometric based ID system and the aadhar uses finger print details and iris of the citizens to issue a unique identification number to the people. Hence it is considered as a strong ID system throughout the world.

How can be aadhar used?

For example if children under a specific age is missing, it is hard to find out their original address.

On such a situation a finger print of the child will help the police to track the whereabouts of the child’s parents.

Before aadhar this is not possible in India. Because there is no database containing the digital information of the citizens of India.

Why it is important?

Direct benefit transfer (DBT):  The government of India uses aadhar number to directly deposits of the subsidy amount of LPG cylinders into the beneficiary account.

Here aadhar number is issued to identify the right eligible beneficiaries and at the same time it is sued to prevent ineligible persons from getting the subsidy.

In addition there is no middlemen in the process and so the beneficiaries are assured of complete deposits of the amount into their bank account.

It is simple to link the gas connection with your aadhar number. Or else it is enough to link your bank account to the gas connection number because you may have linked the aadhar number with your bank already.

aadhar card status

Jan Dhan Yojana: It is a scheme by the government of India that facilitates people to open bank accounts with only their aadhar card.

With the help of this account, there is no need to maintain a minimum alliance in the account. In addition the account holders will be eligible to get a Ru-Pay card and life and accident insurance.

aadhar card

The employees can access their provident fund with the help of an aadhar based online log in. the government ensures that every person hold not more than a single pan card by linking it with the aadhar details. This is a great step to stop tax evasion in India.

The government ensures that every person hold not more than a single pan card by linking it with the aadhar details. This is a great step to stop tax evasion in India.

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