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  • March 13, 2019

Applied for Aadhar Card? – Check the Aadhar status by following easy steps

Getting an Aadhar card is very important as an Indian citizen as other services such as banking, employment, and all the other services requires the Unique Identification Number. If you are applied and got an acknowledgment slip, but do not know what to do further, then this post is for you. With the help of acknowledgment slip, you can track your aadhar card status easily. The Aadhar card will be delivered to your address provided in a few months. Else, you can download the same from the website if it is already generated.  You can track the status of the applied Aadhar card easily through a tracking system developed by the official UIDAI website.

Step 1: Check through the Aadhar’s official website

  • Go to the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India, which is commonly called as UIDAI. The website link is https://uidai.gov.in/
  • Under Aadhar enrollment services category, select ‘Check Aadhar Status’.
  • Skipping the above step, you can also click the direct link of checking aadhar card status with the link, https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar-status.
  • A new page for the same will be opened where you should enter a few details. You have to enter your Enrollment ID which will be mentioned in your Acknowledgement slip. It is of the 14-digit number at the top of the slip.
  • The date and time mentioned on the slip also have to be entered on the webpage. It is of 14-digit date and time mentioned on the same slip.
  • You also have to enter the security code given on the website for the purpose of verification.
  • After giving all the details, click on “Check aadhar status”. This will help you to know about your aadhar card status.
  • If your Aadhar card is generated already, you will be shown the message as the same. You can also see the option to download e-aadhar card.
  • You can also get your aadhar card through your mobile. For achieving this, you have to click on Get Aadhar on Mobile. You will be asked for your registered mobile number for this process. Instantly, you can check aadhar status on your registered mobile phone.

Step 2: Checking Aadhar card status by your mobile number

With the help of your mobile, you can check aadhar status. Follow the steps below to check aadhar status.

  • Enter your messaging app from the phone and type “UID STATUS<14 DIGIT ENROLLMENT NUMBER>” and send the above message to 51969.
  • If the aadhar was generated already, you will get a message with aadhar number.
  • If the aadhar card is not generated yet, then you will receive the current status of Aadhar.

These are the two basic steps by which you can check aadhar status easily. There are other options to check aadhar status like online verification of mobile number. If your enrollment ID is lost, you can retrieve the same using details like your name, registered email ID and mobile number.

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check aadhaar card status gov india

  • February 28, 2019

How to check your Aadhar card status within quick time?

Aadhar card (twelve-digit identification number) is one of the most important identification documents of the people of India that was allowed by the government of India a few years ago. You all know how to use Aadhar card, and where to use Aadhar card, but there are lots of things that you still need to know about Aadhar card now. Every Indian has a unique and different Aadhar card number.  In the government database, the government of India stores an individual’s personal details. It is truly a biometric document that one should have.  For taking the full benefits of welfare services offered by the government, you should have Aadhar card.

When you are looking to apply for a new Aadhar card then you should have documents like identity proof, address proof, and age proof to make sure that you will successfully have the Aadhar card as soon as possible.

Aadhar card status check is free of cost at UIDAI official website

If you are a new applicant who had applied for making a new Aadhar card then it is your own duty to regularly check its status.  One should also understand, you will never be charged by the UIDAI Aadhar card’s official website for checking the status of your Aadhar card. In fact, if you have a valid ID registered with the Aadhar card official website then you can simply check the status of your Aadhar card even at your home.

Aadhar card can be used as an identity card

This is truly known that Aadhar card is can easily be used as a special identity card issued by the UIDAI department. On the behalf of the Indian government, the Unique Identification Authority of India of UIDAI is issued to make such Aadhar cards for the population of India. By simply providing the Aadhar cards, the government of India wants to empower the unique identification of every Indian.

Simple steps to check your Aadhar card status

Now, maybe, you are all familiar with the minor and major aspects of Aadhar card so, you should understand some simple ways that you can use to check its status. Before checking the status of Aadhar card, one should always confirm that they had successfully applied.  You can use the following ways to check your Aadhar card status:

Step1: Browse the official website of UIDAI or https://uidai.gov.in/

First of all, for checking your Aadhar card status, you will have to browse the mentioned official website of UIDAI. At this same time, make sure that you have a valid UIDAI ID to access the further options of this official website. On the homepage of UIDAI official website, you will find Aadhar Enrollment, Aadhar Update, and Aadhar Services three options. These three sections are used for various services related to your Aadhar card.

Step2: in Aadhar Enrollment section, click on “check Aadhar status”

After following the previous step successfully now, you can move to the second step. In this step, the users will have to click on the “check Aadhar card status” option given under the Aadhar Enrolment section. If you want to update some details of your Aadhar card then simply you should choose the “Update Aadhar card details” given below the Aadhar update section.  For things like verify Aadhar number, email address, bank account linking, you should click on the desired options given under the Aadhar services section.

Step3:  Provide your Enrolment details in the asked sections

When you will surf the check Aadhar card status option after following the previous step, you will have to submit or enter the asked information quickly and correctly. This page will show check if Aadhar is generated. Under this option, first of all, you will have to submit your enrolment unique ID. Next, you have to submit the exact date and time of enrolment. The final section will ask you to submit security to code written to verify that you are a human.  One should carefully submit or enter the asked details in these three sections Enrolment ID, date and time of enrolment, and enter security code carefully.

Step4: Click on “check status”

After following the previous step perfectly at the present moment just click on the given option check aadhar status at that same page. This option will take the proceedings further to the UIDAI department to verify and tell you about the current status of your Aadhar card.

Step5: Download Aadhar card if you want

The previous step will lead you to check the current status of your Aadhar card. Make sure that you have submitted exact information. In fact, if your Aadhar card is generated then the next page that you will see after clicking on check status will show that your Aadhar card is generated and you can download it. By clicking on the “Download Aadhar” option, you can simply download your Aadhar card.

These upper listed 5 steps would be enough for anyone who wants to check the current status of their Aadhar cards. As mentioned earlier, it is not that much hard to check Aadhar card status because these upper listed steps will make the entire concept of checking Aadhar card status very easy and simple. If you still have some doubts about this same checking procedure then you can visit your nearest shops.

Check your check aadhar status by just using your mobile

This is yet another awesome idea that one can use to check their current check aadhar status within some really quick time. You will be happy to know that by using your mobile, it is possible to check your check aadhar status. In this same situation, you will have to follow the given steps:

  • Type a message from your mobile phone
  • The message should be in “UID STATUS”  like the format
  • After typing UID STATUS next, you will need to write fourteen digit enrolment numbers. The fourteen digit enrolment numbers should be in < 14-digit enrolment numbers> format.
  • Send this message to 51969
  • If your Aadhar card is generated then you will get a revert message from the UIDAI department as soon as possible

These five upper listed steps are always ideal for people who want to check their Aadhar card status via their mobile phones. For making the check status like difficult process easy and simple, this option is now offered by the UIDAI.

Get Aadhar card number on mobile

By simply clicking on the option offered to get Aadhar number on your mobile at the official website of Aadhar card or UIDAI, you can instantly get your Aadhar card number on your mobile.  If still, you have some doubts about how to check your Aadhar card status then you should read the upper listed or mentioned two wonderful ideas again and again.  By using the upper listed steps and ideas, you can check aadhar card status online within some really quick time.

Why Aadhar card is that much important?

After checking a lot of basic information about the Aadhar card now, you have to understand why it is that much useful for you. For instance, a Voter ID Card is specifically used for taking part in the election process but, behind the starting of the Aadhar card, there is not a specific purpose.  To check your aadhar card status now, you can simply browse the official website of Aadhar card or UIDAI.  For thousands of purposes now in India, you can use the Aadhar card without asking anyone else.

What you should have while making a new Aadhar card?

Now, maybe you are aware of the fact that Aadhar card status checking process is not that much complex. Thus, you will be looking to check out the list of documents that you will need while you want to make a new Aadhar card. You should have the following documents in order to create a new check aadhar card:

Proof of Identity

When you are all set to create a new Aadhar card then you will have to collect enough documents that can verify your identity. You all have a lot of proof of identity and those IDs will be needed throughout this procedure. In order to make sure you have those documents check you have Passport, ration card, pan card, driving license, and voter id like important documents.

Address proof

Bank statement and passbook registered by your bank can be enough for your address proof. You can also use the mentioned documents here also for proofing the address of yours. For instance, you can use voter id or ration card like documents for proofing the address. Make sure that all of your address proof documents are real and have exact information to avoid the possible issues.

Proof of date of birth 

Birth certificate or any other document on which your date of birth is mentioned would be enough for proof of date of birth.

If you have all these upper listed documents then within some really quick time you can fill a new application form of Aadhar card and get it quickly.

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